Kingsmoor Primary School

Bawdrip, Bridgwater, Somerset, TA7 8PY

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Jessica, seven, Abigail, eight, Jack, eight, Lewis, eight, and Thomas, seven.

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Kingsmoor Friends

Who are we?

Kingsmoor Friends is the school support group to which all governors, staff, parents and members of the school community are invited to participate.

Since the establishment of the first committee in March 1995 the friends have given support in a variety of ways.  It is important to recognise that the organisation assists in the school directly through daily involvement with children as well as indirectly through fundraising efforts.  The group is also an effective means of communication between home and school, both parties being able to raise awareness of issues that occur throughout the school year.

Our next meeting...

Please pop in or call the school office for the date of our next meeting or look on the schools most recent newsletter.

Fundraising & Social Events

The fundraising efforts of the group have resulted in many projects, these include the outdoor nature area and pathway around the school field, Ipads, laptops, books, construction equipment, outdoor seating and a sun and rain shelter on the playground, outdoor play facilities and disco equipment.

Each year the ‘Friends’ also fund Christmas entertainment and educational visits for the children as well as buying ‘Leavers’ presents and prizes for annual competitions.

Children's Discos, Bingo Nights, Christmas and Summer Fairs are all opportunities to develop the social aspect of Kingsmoor Friends as well as being regular sources of income.

If you wish to be involved in any way - just come along to one of our meetings - they are normally held around once a month on a Friday morning at 9.00am - look in your Kingsmoor newsletters for the next meeting or ask at the school office.  


Kingsmoor Friends need to have legally nominated people to fill our officer positions (Chair, Treasurer, Secretary). These are elected annually at the Kingsmoor Friends AGM held in the Autumn Term. Kingsmoor Friends is run by committee and if you want to contribute just show up at any Kingsmoor Friends meeting with no obligation.